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◙ Oscars 2011 – A review of me trying to watch it
◙ Oscars 2011 – A review of me trying to watch it

◙ Oscars 2011 – A review of me trying to watch it

Screw it, I’ll grab it off the torrents…

A couple of hours ago I tried watching the Oscars live on HBO but I don’t have HBO on my tv so I tried to do that online. Online I couldn’t watch it on the official channel because I’m from Europe and apparently Europe is crap in the face of the United States. So again, the message was that they are so very sorry about the inconvenience of being impotent in the face of broadcasting live outside the US.

So, I went to other websites that don’t care about these sort of sticks up the ass but there was a problem, I could hear the sound, the useless talking on the red carpet, but I couldn’t get a picture. It probably is a plugin thing or something. Listening to the Oscars, like on the radio, is pointless. I get that 50 years ago this was a trend, but come on. So, eventually I decided that I’ll downloaded sometime in the near future. But hey, I found out who won.
The award for best picture went to The King’s Speech. I didn’t see it but that’s not my fault now is it? I mean, I would not have give the award to a movie like…let’s say Skyline, but still, something in the middle would’ve been nice. But indeed, 2010 probably was not a good year for interesting movies.
The King’s Speech also won the best actor award, best director and original screenplay. It sounds a bit pompous but maybe it is indeed that good. Although, The Social Network was a very good movie with a very good performance. But hey, the English speak English, the Americans speak English so…long live the king!
The Social Network was surely much more appreciated world wide and also…known, but it won only 3 Oscars: Film Editing (what?), Music (oh, come on) and Adapted Screenplay (you got one right!).
Black Swan, a movie that has a title that convinced me not to watch it, won for best actress. Best actress? Are you kidding me? Alice in Wonderland, Fight Club, and even that King with a speech problem, these are movies in which a really good actress has played. Her name is Helena Bonham Carter. When is she going to win?
Anyway, best supporting actor went to Christian Bale for another movie that I haven’t seen (The Fighter) that is surely about something related to Stallone’s Rocky. Inception won 4 Oscars, Toy Story 3 (again, didn’t see it) won 2 Oscars and The Wolfman won an Oscar also. Who the hell is The Wolfman I do not know. From the 10 winners of the Oscars 2011 I’ve seen just two. And trust me, I watch a lot of movies, I have the time!
A complete list of the winners of the Oscars 2011 can be found here.
I’ll soon watch the big winner of the Oscars and if I don’t come back with an update to this article then it means it really didn’t appeal to me, or how I like to always say it blunt: it sucks. All these king and queen movies sound the same to me anyway, let’s see if this one makes a difference.
Damn internet, u fast. I just found a torrent with the 83rd Anual Academy Awards.
Really? You gave an Oscar to this movie? The King’s Speech is not really Oscar worthy. Good movie, but…not really that impressive. But hey, whatever. Some like it, some don’t, like any other movie.

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