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了解中国 !
了解中国 !

了解中国 !

I’m hoping that the title really means „Learn Chinese!” and not something foul about my mother.

In my town, Constanta, we have Ovidius University. From time to time we hear about courses available to people who are just willing to participate and who are not necessarily students or students of that particular University. The year 2012 brings a „Learn Chinese” course, called „Confucius Class”.

The reason I’m writing this in English is because the teachers will show you this „way of the Dragon” in English, because I heard Romanian is not really that popular. Who knew? This is a 2012-2013 class, based on a few semesters. Enrolling in this course is permitted after the 15th of September 2012. The fee for this course is 40 Ron for enrollment and 160 Ron (about 36 euros or 45 dollars) per semester.

For more details about this, visit the official blog, here !

[LE] 30-08-2012

Apparently there are 6 semesters. During the months of May and June of every year you can also take the HSK (Han yu shui ping kao shi) exam, to certify your training.

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