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Suspended Romanian President gives Facebook and Bloggers a try
Suspended Romanian President gives Facebook and Bloggers a try

Suspended Romanian President gives Facebook and Bloggers a try

Last month, I was talking about The Future of Privacy and a concept called „Global Sharing Era”. It’s basically about the way we use new technology to express ourselves. We are sharing more and more details about us using more and more mediums (online ones especially). I was also talking about how more important people use this medium and how it looks like we have already begun a new stage in our IT&C way of life.

Romania has a President. His name is Traian Băsescu. Not long ago, he was suspended by…let’s say his rivals. A week from now we’ll have a vote on which we will choose if we want Băsescu to stay or go.


My opinion is that this man is not suited for a job like this. He’s able to do a lot of things but he’s not diplomatic enough or smart enough to be a President. He first won the vote of the people by crying a bit on national TV when he was worried for the health of a fellow colleague of his. The people said something like „hey, he’s one of us!” and voted. But then things got worse. He would appear on TV talking like a sailor to women, he would drink a lot, the so-called Romanian Crisis came, in 2004 he hit a disabled child but he made it look like it was a fake video made by his enemies or something, and so on. I say „so-called Romanian Crisis” because Romania is not at all a poor country. But, a financial stable country with a bad and corrupt President/Parliament, makes poor citizens. Politics 101.

So, this is why a lot of people want Băsescu out. But some other people who unfortunately have the right to vote, love him. Because he is simple, because he sometimes cries, because he swears and drinks like them, because he has power and the average Johnny Bravo type of people love to make themselves look like they have all the money, cars and girls. It’s basically a split society, where a huge group wants something and the other huge group likes things the way they are.


Ok, so Băsescu was suspended. What did he do? He took it easy. He knows he has two advantages. The first one is the love that a huge group has for him, the other is the voting requirements. The President will no longer be the President only if 50%+1 people goes out and votes. With voters you can never know what to expect.

So he started wearing a blue T-shirt to show us his lack of subtlety and also that he is not worried and that he is casual and cool. He appeared in this manner on public campaign meetings and on the news but then he took to the Internet! He met with Romania’s most famous blogger, Zoso, and did a casual interview with him. Zoso made it to the top by fooling news stations with a big fake story. He is usually very mad at everyone and very cynical and of course, he did some taunting at the expense of the Romanian Political staff. His blog soon became very popular, even in the eyes of every type of big or small politician. So now this blogger gets to meet with the President of his own country! It kinda has a big wow-factor to it. But the President’s hypocrisy didn’t stop here. Going viral on Facebook is a page called „You’re mad at Băsescu. Why?” in which the same blue T-shirt wearing suspended President answers in a Vlog manner to some of the issues addressed by the regular internet-friendly folks.

So this is both amazing as a „Global Sharing Era” phenomenon and mostly as a fast fake way to show that you as a President are actually the victim and that you actually care. So forget for a second CNN, Reuters and other sources that might not know a lot of realities from here and try to understand that this are the current events in Romania.

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