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The cost of dealing with dictators in 2022
The cost of dealing with dictators in 2022

The cost of dealing with dictators in 2022

Drag Putin a la Warhol via Tumblr

As a Romanian, knowing a bit or two about dictators (or semi-dictators after ’89) I must say that all of these recent events seem SILLY to me. It is a misconception that at least some politicians know their way around a serious threat. After all these recent World War tragedies and dramas, we are still plain dumb in the face of real Evil.

By the way, I chose the picture as an ironic trait similar to what was going on in Stephen Colbert’s show here.

I’m a pretty decent young person in my 30’s, witnessing lots of things for years and years past. I still find it incredibly stupid the way our World works. But I will keep it simple! We know who the baddies are, right?

I mean…China is definetly bad, right? North Korea…horrible! Russia… Well. We had the movies all along showing us that… And so on.

Working TOGETHER with North Korea or Russia or Venezuela or some other dictators like Lukashenko and so on…would bring some benefits, right? Of course. A horrible deal, but of course! But what happens when they cause trouble like Putin is causing now? I mean… You kinda have to vouch for them! You made a deal with the DEVIL and now you’re, what? Surprised? THIS is what ignoring the fact that a regime is evil does to you! You can benefit for a while, but when a crazy person decides to act crazy all the way, that’s when YOU yourself get put in the spotlight and lose everything you gained plus more. And you’re shown as evil as well, as you should be! A different kind of evil, but evil still.

A SWIFT sanction (double entendre) would do wonders in this current state but you all had to rely on the crazy-dictator, haven’t you? Well…this is the cost! Actually, the cost is yet to be seen because people are growing more and more frustrated with EVERY state in this world. And soon, the chaos will grow more and more! And sadly, people will die more and more…

THIS is why you DON’T deal with TERRORISTS! Well, firstly because it’s immoral and you should be a better person, BUT THIS is the possible outcome in dealing with low-lifes like Putin, Kim Jong-Un and other mentally-ill dictators. Economy has no value if Society is harmed. That’s what DEMOCRACY failed to understand and that’s why I hate Democracy. What system do I preffer? Well… It hasn’t been inveted yet because of this types of stupid decisions worldwide!

A lot of peope are blind. I had to say „2022” in the title to make it sound like a trend. A lot of people are acting like on TikTok and saying Russia is plain rude for acting this way. Omaga! Thoughts and prayers! This attitude is dangerous in the face of real violence, that is tangible not downloadable!

Anyway. States should wake up. All states. They should really try to change for the better because if not – as Putin says – things will change to a scale and severity of an unseen manner.

I would prefer severity as opposed to insensibility. But times are changing and you really want to know what the FUTURE is going to be?? The Future will be as it always was: the past we didn’t learned from.

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